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Exploring the Scientific Development Path of Taiji and Health Qigong

- Successful Conclusion of the 2023 Silicon Valley Health Forum

Silicon Valley Health Forum Group Photo

“Silicon Valley, September 15, 2023 – The ‘2023 Silicon Valley Health Forum,’ organized by the World Taiji Science Federation, successfully concluded. The one-day event focused on Taiji (Tai Chi) and Health Qigong, featuring a series of important presentations and lively discussions on topics such as sharing research findings in healthcare, exploring scientific research methods, examining international development pathways, and assessing and discussing essential elements in international accreditation and industry standards for Taiji and Health Qigong.”

Dr. Shudong Li and Professor Huijun Zhou Ring delivered the opening remarks.

The conference was chaired by Dr. Shudong Li, a member of the California Acupuncture Board and the Executive Chairman of the World Taiji Science Federation, with Professor Huijun Zhou Ring and Dr. Zhang Haisheng from Stanford University serving as Chair. The event planning was led by Serena Li and Samuel Li.

Professor Wang Xiaojun from Beijing Sport University delivered a thematic presentation on ‘The Study of Aquatic Traditional Chinese Medicine Exercise Therapy on Sleep Quality and Emotional Intervention

The guest speakers at the conference included:


  1. Professor Xiaojun Wang, Director of the Center for Traditional Sports Health, Wellness, and Rehabilitation Research at Beijing Sport University, and a doctoral supervisor.
  2. Dr. Amy Matecki, former President of the California Acupuncture Board and current member of the California Acupuncture Board.
  3. Dr. Alex Feng, a renowned Chinese medicine and Qigong master in the Bay Area, and the founder of the Zhi Dao Institute.
  4. Professor Hongjiang Wang, from Hangzhou Normal University, also a doctoral supervisor.
  5. Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng, President of the United States College Taiji Federation.
  6. Researcher Chang-Po Chen, from the Academia Sinica in Taiwan.
  7. Dr. Haisheng Zhang, from Stanford University.
  8. Dr. Derek Cunningham, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Taiji Science.
  9. Chairman He Huang, from OS-PRO Fitness FIT.
  10. Professor Huijun Zhou Ring, from Stanford University, who also presented on various topics.

Dr. Amy Matecki, former Director of the California Acupuncture Board and current member of the California Acupuncture Board, presented a thematic segment on ‘Pioneering Integrative Medicine Initiatives in Mainstream American Hospitals.

Renowned Chinese Medicine and Qigong Master, Teacher Feng Erquan, from the Bay Area, presented a segment on ‘Promoting Taiji and Qigong Activities in Urban Hospital Environments.

Professor Hongjiang Wang, from Hangzhou Normal University presented a segment on ‘The Promotion of Balance and Fall Prevention in Middle-aged and Elderly Individuals through Tai Chi.

Chairman Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng from the United States College Taiji Federation provided an introduction to the Taiji health and wellness exercise known as ‘Comb the Hair and Grab the Handle Technique.

Researcher Chang-Po Chen, presented a collaborative research proposal on the scientific foundation of medical Taiji.

Dr. Haisheng Zhang from Stanford University presented a report on ‘Five Movements, Six Qi, and Temporal Acupuncture – The Taiji Temporal Six Meridian Dialectical System.

Chairman He Huang, from OS-PRO Fitness FIT provided an introduction to the Taiji Fitness Training Module.

Dr. Derek Cunningham presented an introduction to the Journal of Taiji Science

Professor Huijun Zhou, introduced information about the Special Issue on Whole Person Health in the ‘Health’ journal

The panel discussion on the international development of Taiji and Health Qigong was chaired by Dr. Shudong Li, and it featured the following participants: Mr. Bryant Fong, a martial arts coach from the University of California, Berkeley; one of the founders of the Iranian National Wushu Team, Mr. Mohammad Reza, who is also a Technical Committee Member of the International Wushu Federation; and Mr. Justin Eggert, a board member of the United States Wushu Federation.

The recipients of the Outstanding Paper Award at the Silicon Valley Health Forum were Dean Wa Gao and Professor Lingling Yu from Inner Mongolia Normal University. Dr. Li Shudong was invited to represent them in extending greetings to the experts and scholars in attendance and to present the school’s commemorative gifts.

A group photo featuring Professor Hongjiang Wang, Professor Huijun Zhou Ring, Ethan Zhu, Master Shudong Li, Julia Zhou, Judy Liu, Master Grace Yan.

At the conclusion of the forum, the organizing committee arranged special Taiji and martial arts performances by students from Omei Kung Fu, Evergreen Wushu, and Shaolin Authentic Kung Fu. The performances featured Judy Liu, the reigning World Junior Taiji Champion and a current Stanford University student; Julia Zhou, a member of the U.S. National Team and the Modern Wushu All-Around Champion at the California International Wushu Championship; Ethan Zhu, the Tai Chi All-Around Champion; Teacher Hongjie Yan from pure Shaolin; Researcher Chang-Po Chen; and Dr. Shudong Li, who delivered an impressive Taiji and Wushu demonstration.”

Master Shudong Li’s Taiji demonstration

Keynote Speakers Xiaojun Wang, Hongjiang Wang and He Huang

The forum event was a complete success!

Lunch gathering!