WTSF is US Federal proof non-profit Organization

The grand tournament successfully brought together nearly 1,800 athletes from 71 teams representing 15 different countries. A total of 150 individual events were contested across 12 age groups for both men and women, making for a grand total of 3,756 individual performances. Additionally, 220 athletes who scored 8 points or higher, or who finished in the top three in their respective events, have been successfully selected to join the USAWKF (United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation) National Kungfu Team. These athletes will have the opportunity to participate in Pan-American and World Traditional Wushu Championships.

*The collective and individual competition results, including both in-person events and virtual competitions, can be checked in individual or team registered accounts. E-certificates can be downloaded from the registered accounts. For athletes who participated in virtual competitions or missed the medal collection, please go to Kungfudirect.com and search for ‘2023’ to arrange for medal shipment.”