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The 2023 Golden State International Wushu Championships and USA National Kung Fu Team Trials recently unveiled the medal design for this year’s competition. The design is based on a dragon motif, with the central area incorporating a dynamically transformed “ś≠¶” character representing Wushu. It also incorporates elements of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on the back. The unique design of the dragon encircling the Golden Gate Bridge conveys the spirit and power of Wushu while showcasing the significant role of the San Francisco Bay Area in the development of martial arts. 

Each medal represents recognition for the relentless efforts and struggles of the participating athletes, becoming a symbol they can proudly cherish.

In addition to the unveiling of the medal design, the registration for the competition has officially begun. The competition will consist of two components: an on-site event and an online competition, providing an opportunity for martial arts enthusiasts worldwide to participate. The on-site competition will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, California, where competitors will showcase their exquisite martial arts skills in person. The online competition, on the other hand, offers convenience for participants who are unable to be present on-site. They can demonstrate their talents through an online platform.

Add Your Heading Text Here The highlight of this event is the convergence of various exciting elements.

The competition will feature a grand opening ceremony and international master performances. Taiji masters, Shaolin warriors, top martial arts experts, elite Wushu teams, and representatives from various martial arts schools will come together on this international stage. They will showcase their group dynamics, unique styles, and exquisite skills, presenting a spectacular martial arts feast for the audience.

The 2023 Golden State International Wushu Championships is also authorized by the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation as the selection tournament for the USA Traditional Kung Fu Team. Competitors who score 8 points or above and place in the top 3 will be selected to represent the USA in important international Wushu events such as the Pan-American Tai Chi Kung Fu Championships and the World Traditional Martial Arts Championship.

The competition provides excellent venues and professional referees, offering professional athletes the opportunity to accumulate competition experience. In addition to the team and all-around champion trophies, the competition sets up different beginner-level routines in each category and awards encouragement medals to first-time participants. This allows beginners to have the opportunity to participate in the competition and grow together with the event.

The online component of the competition also provides an opportunity for martial arts enthusiasts from other countries and regions worldwide to participate in the international competition through video submissions. Teams or individuals can choose a suitable location, record a demonstration video, and upload it to the competition website for registration. The organizing committee will issue electronic certificates based on the published competition results and can also arrange to mail trophies and medals upon request.

For Wushu enthusiasts and spectators, this will be an unmissable opportunity. Please stay tuned for further detailed information to participate or watch this remarkable martial arts event.