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On the afternoon of October 12th, at the New Guinea Sculpture Garden of the Stanford University, Master Shudong Li and freshman of Stanford Judy Liu, gave a wonderful Taijiquan and sword demonstration to students who participated in the Stanford medical Taiji course.

Master Li Chen Style Taiji Sword Demonstration,  Judy Liu demonstrate Chen Style Taijiquan

Master Li @  New Guinea Sculpture Garden

About Stanford Medical Taiji Course

In 2007, Master Shudong Li works with professor Samuel LeBaron, Dr. Art Johnson, Steven Lin MD, James Andrews MD, and Paula Bailey at Stanford University. established the “medical taiji” Credit course at the School of Medicine.

The purpose of Master Li’s creation of this course is to enable students from Stanford Medical School and other departments to have the opportunity to learn and initially understand the health and wellness benefits of Taijiquan during their college years.

Medical Taiji included: Five Internal energy Training Method; and 8 Movements Taiji

Currently, this medical taiji course is taught by professor Beverley Kane,

Introduction of The Five Internal Energy Training Methods

These methods comprise the complete system need to explain traditional Taiji internal training theory through its key techniques.

The Five Energy Training Method provides a simple way to understand internal tai chi energy training.
The Five Internal Energy Training Methods
松静洗髓《洗髓功》Internal energy cleanser technique
螺旋缠丝《缠丝功》Energy winding [silk-reeling] technique
开合吐纳《开合功》Breathing techniques
丹田内转《内转功》Dantian energy rotation
无极桩功《无极桩》Standing meditation

8 Movements Taiji For Beginning 
(whole from demonstration by Master  Li)

About Master Shudong Li

Master Shu Dong Li, the founder of the “Medical Taiji Course” at Stanford University School of Medicine. Master Li is the Secretary General of Taiji Science Federation, Vice President of United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation, Doctor of Physical Education of Shanghai Sports University, and International level Wushu Judge. He is the 20th generation of disciples of Chen Style Taiji Master and one of the main leaders in the international Taiji field. He has served as the Team leader and Head Coach of the U.S. National Wushu team for many consecutive years.