WTSF is US Federal proof non-profit Organization

Mayor of Santa Clara Lisa Gilmore presented a congratulatory letter to the host

Dr. Li Shudong at the welcome banquet 

 Mr. Anthony Goh

Opening remark at welcome banquet

Vice chairman of the International Wushu Federation IWUF and the chairman of the USAWKF Mr. Anthony Goh gave the first opening speech. 

Dr. Shudong Li Welcome speech

The host organization World Taiji Science Federation secretary general and Vice president of USAWKF speech followed. 

Former California assembly member Kansen Chu and his wife Daisy Chu; Milpitas Vice Mayor Carmen Montano; Vice Mayor of Union City Jaime Patino; President of American Entrepreneur Association Mr. Ben He; City Council of Union City Gary Singh; Newark School Board Trustee Bowen Zhang; Former Union City School Board Jeff Wang and other local officials. Professor form Stanford University; UC Berkeley; San Jose State University; Five Branches University; California University Silicon Valley, are attempt welcome banquet.

Team leaders, coaches, judges also participated in the welcome banquet 

MC for Welcome banquet is Tim Tan and Momo Zhang