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Review of 2021 Forum introduction videos of the WTSF and Inner Mongolia Normal University
At 6:00 p.m. July 9th, the press conference on the publication and distribution of the Journal of Taiji Science (JTS), and “Second International Taiji Science Forum and the World Taiji Masters Exhibition” has been held in the conference hall of the California University Silicon Valley and through zoom meeting online. News conference was Hosted by Taiji Science Federation (WTSF) and Co-hosted by Inner Mongolia Normal University and supported by University of Illinois -Champaign; Hangzhou Normal University; World Taijiquan network; Five Branches University; University of California Silicon Valley. Forum Organization committee deputy secretary general Dr. Lingling yu, Dr. Xin Xue; Dr. Yiyin Ding and Tim Tan presided over the press conference.
First spoke: Dr. Shudong Li introduced the purpose and mission of the Federation, as well as the international orientation of forums, exhibitions, and JTS journal publishing and distribution. Dr. Li pointed out: Taiji is an excellent traditional Chinese culture and the crystallization of the wisdom of human civilization. Taijiquan is a means of health: practice Taijiquan, you can keep your body and mind in good health and Wellness, social entertainment, happiness; Taijiquan is a cultural heritage: learning Taijiquan: constantly comprehend the Taijigong method that carries the profound heritage of human civilization through the ages, and integrate with people of all ethnic groups in the world Mutual learning makes it a cultural link connecting the global public and benefiting human society; Taiji is a scientific exploration: the most primitive and simple understanding of the universe and nature by human beings is to open up the wisdom of human civilization and scientific exploration and development the driving force. The practice process of the traditional Taiji internal method is a process of continuous cultivation, self-cultivation, tempering and sublimation of the driving force. It is that we can continue to carry out scientific exploration and research, remove the false and preserve the true, and get closer to the truth.
Researcher Haifeng Zhang, Vice President of Inner Mongolia Normal University Professor Wa Gao, Dean of the School of Physical Education, delivered a speech
Researcher Zhang Haifeng, Vice President of Inner Mongolia Normal University, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer; he said: “At the milestone moment of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Inner Mongolia Normal University, it is a great blessing for our school to host the 2nd International Taiji Science Forum, and we sincerely invite people from all over the world to participate in Experts and scholars of Taiji scientific research meet with Inner Mongolia Normal University to jointly promote the forum to become a cultural brand with world influence.” Professor Wa Gao, Dean of the School of Physical Education, Inner Mongolia Normal University, the co-chair and organizer, announced the “Call for paper for the 2nd International Taiji Science Forum”:
Speech by: Tenured Professor at the University of Illinois, Academician of the American Academy of Exercise Zhu Weimo; 9th Duan Wushu, Health Qigong Grandmaster, farmer dean and professor at Shanghai sports university of Wushu school, Dinghai Yu; Wu Zhou, Dean of School of Physical Education, Hangzhou Normal University Ron Zaidman, President of Five Branches University Philip Yang, President of the University of California, Silicon Valley
Speech by: Co-chairman of the conference Mr. Yu Gongbao, Descendants of Chen Style Taijiquan Grandmaster Zhenglei Chen and Qiuxin Tian, Descendants of Yang Style Taijiquan Grandmaster Youbin Zhao and Zhongsan Cui
Speech by the guest representative of the conference Professor Xiaojun Wang of Beijing Sport University Justin Eggert, Board member of United States of America Wushu -Kungfu Federation; Muhammad Reza, Technical Committee Member of International Wushu Federation, Taiji Instructor of TMCC College, University of Nevada, Reno, USA.
Dr. Weng Qixiu, professor of San Jose State University in California and president of the US Collegiate Taiji Federation delivered a speech Editor-in-Chief of JTS: Dr. Derek Cunningham delivered a speech Representative of JTS Review Committee: Dr. Julian Chu delivered a speech Dr. Eric Tao, Professor of California State University and Dean of the School of Innovation, delivered a speech