Fang Lu













-Currently teaching at the China-India Yoga College (International Tai Chi College), Yunnan Nationalities University, professor, master tutor

–PhD in Anthropology, Xiamen University

–Former Vice Dean of the China-India Yoga School and South Asia College of Yunnan Nationalities University

–Member of the Fitness Yoga Teaching Group of the Social Sports Center of the State General Administration of Sports

–Awarded by the Social Sports Guidance Center of the Sports General Administration Bureau

–Blind review expert for doctoral dissertation of Phenxi Yoga University, India

–Beijing Huanya Culture Group Co., Ltd. commissioned the chief expert of a major horizontal project “Interdisciplinary Investigation and Research on Yoga as a Lifestyle”

–Visiting scholar at Australian National University and Devon Cultural University, India

– Visited India for 6 times, went to many yoga universities in India, and was received by Ms. Swaraj, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of India

–Presided over 2 National Social Science Fund projects, published 1 monograph, participated in the editing of 3, and published more than 20 core papers

–Research direction: engaged in cultural anthropology research, ritual research, intangible cultural heritage research and Indian philosophy, yoga culture and modern yoga development research