Dr. Vasileios Ag. Drougas BSc. MSc. PhD. PhD from Greece

  • Physics Diploma BSc, School of Physics University of Ioannina Greece
  • Master MSc. Physics, School of Physics University of Ioannina Greece
  • Doctor PhD Ergophysiology, School of Medicine University of Ioannina Greece
  • 他是教育神经生理学博士后研究员,学习搜索人类活动感知的参数以及大脑和思维的结果。
  • School of Medicine University of Ioannina Greece
  • He continues with a new Doctorate PhD research is in the Department of Primary Education in the University of Ioannina Greece in the Field of Educational 3D Real Models for Physics and natural Sciences.
  • He holds the Doctor Diploma PhD (Hns) in Asian Arts Philosophy from the ULTEP University
  • He studied in the Aegean University receiving his Certificate in the “intercultural education”
  • He Holds the Certificate in Wireless Communications from the Cleveland Institute of Electronic Ohio
  • He also studied in the Indiana University USA modern Educational Technologies
  • Also studied in the Monash University Australia the Tele-Education methodologies for medicine.
  • Certified with the “Kinesiology Diploma” with the Distinction Grade from Centre of Excellence England
  • Certified with the “Improve Your Memory Diploma” with the Distinction Grade from Centre of Excellence England
  • Certified with the “Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma” with the Distinction Grade from Centre of Excellence England
  • Certified ‘Ergo-Therapy and Mental Health” Certificate with the Distinction Grade “Enosis College” Athens Greece
  • Certified «Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Diploma» with the Distinction Grade “Enosis College” Athens Greece
  • Certified as “Microsoft Innovative Education” from the Microsoft Educator Center

在希腊约阿尼纳大学信息与电信学院担任教授长达 18 年



Writer of Over 42 Books in Physics Science Mathematics and Books for Kids and is the Creator of over 8 different educational scientific board games.

And the most important book for Africa Students for the Environment Education Also he wrote books for Human Well Being. Many of them certified internationally with awards.

Writer of over 200 Scientific Research Papers and Articles Internationally in World Congresses and Research Books of International known Universities

Magazines and Publications Positions

  • Member of the Editing Team of the “Little Students Magazine” ISSN 2537- 5210, ISSN – L. 2537-5210 Romania Europe
  • Editor of the “Journal of Applied Training and Education” E-Journal
  • He is an International Reviewer in Science for Published Scientific Papers for the IGI Global Publications
  • Reviewer for the “Journal of Applied Training and Education” E-Journal
  • Publish Scientific Articles at the “Education Jagat” Newspaper India


  • Ambassador for Education of the Owlypia Education The Intellectuals’ Challenge
  • International Innovated Educator Award for 2020-2021 I2OR India
  • Certificate of I2OR Ed. Tech Community Green Thinker Z 2021 India
  • Inducted in to the prestigious Global Academic Excellence Award 2021
  • Global Academic Researcher of the Year 2021 HUMCEN Awards Intl.
  • International Researchers for Education Award by the CEA.EW 2020
  • The “Runner Up Inspiration Award” for 2019 from The Centre of Excellence United Kingdom
  • Holds the World Medal of induction in to the “Top 100 Scientists in the World” IBC Oxford England 2006
  • Inducted in to the World Biography of Scientists ABI 2007 for his Scientific Achievements
  • Holds the “World Top 100 Scientists and Researchers” Certificate of Recognition from IBC England
  • Inducted in to “The Great Minds of the 21th Century” from the ABI USA
  • His Biography and Scientific Achievements inducted in to the Institute ABI USA
  • He Inducted in to “Marquis’ Who is Who” in Science and Engineers USA
  • He Holds the “World Sports Award” from His Highness Prince of Saudi Arabia
  • World Hall of Fame Researcher Historian in Asian Arts Florida USA 1998
  • Physics Science Researcher in Sports and Defense Arts Hall of Fame New York USA
  • Writer of the Year USA 1997 Hall of Fame
  • The Presidential Sports Award from the USA Sports Council
  • International Director on Strategic and Rural Educational Promotion ADIafrica And many more.


  1. Processing and Analysis Transmission of Medical Signals and Biomarkers and the Creation of corresponding Information Models.
  2. Modeling of Science Experience-Based Systems and Knowledge- STEM Training Systems.
  3. Applied Physiology – Neurophysiology, study of the Sensory Perception by Movement for Education and Learning
  4. Modeling Theories of Physics and Cosmology

Dr. Vasileios Drougas official Member of Worldwide Scientific Associations

International Institute of Organized Research India National Science Teaching Association USA Institute of Global Professionals India

I2OR Educational Technology Community India Mediterranean Physics Union Egypt

Greek Physics Union Greece

Owlypia Education – The Intellectuals’ Challenge United Kingdom Institute of Global Professionals Life Member Philippines

Africa Global Development for Positive Change Initiative (ADIafrica). Cultural and Educational Association EW Greece

Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation Greece Microsoft Educator Center United Kingdom

Silver Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists England Yoga Alliance India Lifetime Member India Government

Life Time member of the Board for Tai Chi Health Ways Association USA And many more.

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