Professor Zili Xu

Lecturer, School of Architecture, South China University of Technology
Master Tutor Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education University Teachers Network Training Center, Young Member of the Cultural Landscape Sub-Committee of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture.

Participation in Tai Chi cultural activities and results:
Guangzhou Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Center is the theoretical instructor of Taiji teaching system, and Chen Juan, the 12th generation descendant of Chen style Taijiquan, inside students, from 2011/04 to present, Guangzhou Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Center study from 2013/04 to present, Junior trainer of Zheng Tai Chi system; published the paper “Awakening the Internal Spatial Structure and Movement Mechanism of Partial Tai Chi Movement” in January 2018; One article in Chinese Wushu magazine; 2018 07 27 The first online release to awaken the internal elements of local Tai Chi movement One article in World Taijiquan Website.


硕士导师 教育部高校教师网络培训中心特聘教授


广州陈正雷太极拳馆正太极教学体系理论导师,陈氏太极拳第十二代嫡宗传人陈娟老师递帖 学生 2011/04 至今,广州陈正雷太极拳馆学习; 2013/04 至今,广州陈正雷太极拳馆精进班学习,正太极体系正二段学历,
正太极体系初级教练员; 2018 年 1 月发表论文《 唤醒局部 太极运动的内在空间结构与运动机理 》
一文于《中华武术》杂志; 2018 07 27 网络首发 唤醒局部 太极运动的内在要素 一文 于 世界太极
拳网 。