Prof. Junrong Liu

Professor Junrong Liu, President of Tianjin City Health Qigong Association, Former dean and Professor, Master Supervisor of the School of Physical Education and Health of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. International level referee and national level social sports instructor of Health qigong. She has been invited by General Administration of Sport of China for many times to carry out academic exchange activities in Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, Singapore and other countries, presided over the scientific research projects of General Administration of Sport of China and Municipal Education Commission, and published more than 20 scientific research papers.

刘俊荣,教授,硕士生导师。中国健身气功七段、健身气功国际级裁判员、健身气功国家级社会体育指导员。曾任天津中医药大学体育与健康学院院长,现任天津市健身气功协会主席。多次受国家体育总局邀请赴德国、瑞士、法国、日本、新加坡等国进行学术交流活动 , 主持国家体育总局和市教委科研课题,发表科研论文20余篇。