President Gongbao Yu


Dean Gongbao Yu, Famous Tai Chi cultural scholar, editor-in-chief of World Tai Chi Net, Dean of World Tai Chi Net Academy. Graduated from the Physics Department of Peking University. Presided over the planning and implementation of “Chinese Top one Hundred Masters”, “The First World Taijiquan Health Conference”, “National Health Qigong Exchange Conference”, “World Taichi Cultural Festival” and many large-scale martial arts and Taijiquan with far-reaching influence at home and abroad activity. Organized many Taijiquan academic exchanges, seminars and subject research. He is the editor-in-chief of the world’s first “Encyclopedia of Chinese Taijiquan”. He has written dozens of books on traditional Chinese culture, such as Tai Chi, Health Qigong, Guoxue Health, and calligraphy. He has published nearly a million words in newspapers and magazines. Many works have been translated into multi-national languages ​​and distributed globally, arousing enthusiastic responses in the world of Tai Chi. His achievements in Taijiquan have important influences at home and abroad. He often serves as an academic lecturer in major international Tai Chi cultural activities, and has been invited to visit abroad many times to give lectures on Chinese culture and preside over important international cultural activities. As an important pioneer of Chinese martial arts and Taijiquan network informatization, he presided over the establishment of a number of large-scale network organizations and actively promoted the international spread of Taijiquan culture.

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