Master Yongxing Guan


管永星 毕业于中国道教学院,现为武当道家文化发展中心副主任,武当道教功夫团副团长。
2016年8月返回武当山道教协会,负责道协武当太极公益推广活动。 2017年跟随中国道教协会会长当秘书至今。现为武当道家文化发展中心副主任,武当道教功夫团副团长。

Yongxing Guan,graduated from China Taoist University and is now the deputy director of Wudang Taoist culture development center and the deputy head of Wudang Taoist Kung Fu troupe.

From 1996 to 2003, he practiced Shaolin martial arts.
In 2003, he came to Wudang Mountain to practice Wudang martial arts and learn Taoist culture.
In 2005, Wudang Mountain Taoist Association established “Wudang Mountain Taoist Kung Fu Troupe” as the head coach.

In 2006, Wudang Taoist Association established “Wudang Taoist Kung Fu College” and served as the head coach of the international department.

In 2010, he took a delegation to the Shanghai World Expo to show Wudang Wushu to tourists all over the world.
Led the Kungfu troupe to visit Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions with the Taoist Association to communicate with many local cultural and martial arts institutions. Perform Wudang Kung Fu for many national leaders in Zixiao palace. Participated in previous Taoist music festivals, performed at the opening ceremony of the world Tao Te Ching forum, and demonstrated Wudang martial arts to world Taoist culture lovers.

On behalf of the Taoist Association, he received martial arts groups and individuals all over the world and taught Wudang martial arts.

Since 2011, he has been touring Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries for one month every year, and has good exchanges with local martial arts institutions and overseas Chinese associations.

Since September 2014, he has resigned from all his posts and was recommended by Wudang Mountain Taoist Association to Beijing “China Taoist College” to study Taoism for two years.

In August 2016, he returned to Wudang Mountain Taoist Association to be responsible for Wudang Taiji public welfare promotion activities of the Taoist Association.

Since 2017, he has served as secretary with the president of China Taoist Association. He is now the deputy director of Wudang Taoist culture development center and the deputy head of Wudang Taoist Kung Fu troupe.