Dr. Zhou Wu


Dean of the School of Physical Education and Health, HangZhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China.

Dr. Zhou presided 1 National Social Science Funded project, hosted 7 provincial and ministerial projects, published more than 30 papers in authoritative and core sports journals, and received 1 achievement provincial award. He was voted as the academic leader of the “333” project in JiangSu province, the young academic leader of the provincial QingLan project, and the provincial outstanding young backbone teachers. He is the national first-class professional leader of physical education (2021), the provincial first-class professional leader (2019), and the provincial first-class curriculum leader of “Basketball” (2019). He is the head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base (2020), the head of the Intelligent Sports Research Institute (2019), and the HangZhou Excellent Teacher (2020). He worked as a visiting scholar at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015.

He presided over and completed the research and development of the “Chinese Five-Avian Exercise” project commission by the Department of Sports, Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education, compiled and published the “Chinese Five-Avian Exercise” series of textbook, CDs, and charts, and included them in the physical education and health curriculum of elementary and middle schools in Jiangsu province, the “Chinese Five-Avian Exercise” has been well received in performances at home and abroad, such as the “Young Olympic Games” and “Chinese Culture Indonesia Tour”, meantime, the movement won the first prize of the performance project of the National Games.
He has served as the vice chairman and many other academic part-time positions in professional organizations such as the China Sports Training Association, ZheJiang Basketball Association, ZheJiang Sports Reform and Development Research Association, he has a good reputation and influence in the academic field.