Dr. Xiaofei Hu


Dr. Xiaofei Hu is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Sports University, academic tutor of post-doctoral research center of Hengyuanxiang Group, famous university professor in Beijing, special expert of “sports prescription training” of the Chinese Sports Science Association, board member of the International Health Qigong Federation, deputy director of the technical committee, board member of the Chinese Health Qigong Association, as well as Deputy Director of the Promotion Committee. He is a class A International Health Qigong judge, referee of the Health Qigong Duan system, a member of the Tongrentang Sports Wellness Advisory Board, Cuban Government Award Winner, Head Coach of the Beijing Haidian District Tai Chi Association.

Under the tutelage of China’s first Wushu and Qigong double 9 Duan Professor Guangde Zhang, he specializes in the teaching, research and promotion of Daoyin health exercise prescriptions, Daoyin health exercises, and Health Qigong. He has taught tens of thousands of students from more than 40 countries and served as the 7th World Fitness chief referee of qigong competitions, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, communities and nursing homes for compulsory teaching nearly a thousand times, has gone to more than 30 countries to teach instructing and health qigong, and held lectures on CCTV for many times; Has completed more than 10 ministry level research topics, nearly 40 papers and more than 200 popular science articles that have been published in China’s core journals. Established the “Daoyin Health Prescription System”, and authored “Qianlong Health Preservation Techniques”, “Baduan Jin for Strengthening the Body and Fitness”, “Warm-up before Sports Health Preservation Skills”, “Health Preserving and Building Fundamental Skills”, “Wheelchair Fitness Skills”, ” Children’s Ba Duan Jin and other books, participated in the compilation of Health Qigong “365-day Exercise Method”, “Health Qigong · Twelve Methods of Daoyin Health Training”, “Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin”, “Health Qigong · Twelve Duan Jin” etc.

Before 2020, the system of “Strengthening the Body and Helping the Lung Fitness” was created. Once it was released, it was reprinted by various domestic media such as Xinhua News Agency and People’s Sports Network, with more than 1.53 million views and translated into English, German, and Spanish worldwide Promotion is welcomed by the public from all over the world. In order to meet the teaching needs during the epidemic, Professor Hu has cooperated with colleagues in Finland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and other countries to run a number of three-year “Xiaofei Hu International Guiding Health College” and short-term online training courses. It is sought after by fans from all over the world.

胡晓飞  北京体育大学教授、博导,恒源祥集团博士后科研工作站学术导师,北京市高校名师,中国体育科学学会“运动处方师培训”特聘专家,国际健身气功联合会委员、技委会副主任,中国健身气功协会常委、推广委员会副主任,健身气功国际A级裁判,健身气功国际段位首批评委,同仁堂运动养生顾问,古巴政府奖获得者,北京市海淀区太极拳协会总教练。