Dr. Wenguo Ma


Dr. Ma Wenguo is a highly respected Professor and Wushu Doctor. He was born in Qianxian County, Shaanxi Province in July, 1970.

He is the former Director of the Wushu Department for the prestigious Xi’an Institute of Physical Education. This institution is highly regarded for it’s development of many talented individuals in various athletic fields. He is also a member of the Standing Committee for the China Wushu Association, Vice-Chairman of the Shaanxi Wushu Association and Vice-Chairman of the Shaanxi Boxing Association.

From childhood, he practiced martial arts under the guidance of Gao Xi’an, the former head coach of the Shaanxi Wushu Team and senior coach of the state.

After years of effort, he became a disciple of Mr. Zhang Kejian, a famous master of general martial arts, to further study the essence of martial arts application and education. During his tutelage he learned the intricate art of Fanquan,Pigua, Chuojiao,Baji, Chanhai short cudgel,Pigua broard sword,,Tipao sword , windward Tiaozi, and  many other forms of martial knowledge.

In 2004, under the recommendation of Mr. Zhang, he began to learn from his tutor, Mr. Zhang Qunyan, who was honored by his master for his wushu accomplishments. He was taught a unique form of Duliu arm boxing, Pigua, two-winged arm boxing, Yi quan (Intent Boxing), ape kung fu combat theory, Miao Dao (long sprout sabre), Fengmogun,, ground swords, Qiqiang spears, Lu He Spear and Six Swords. This experience solidified his devotion toward a life long study of classical martial arts. He has been very diligent in striving to understand the heart of classical combat application. As a result, he has attained praise from various masters for his knowledge of classical martial arts drills and practical usage.

In 2005, he began to learn western boxing theories, Thai boxing strategies, Kendo, fencing, Filipino magic wand combat integration and other international martial art systems. He utilized these experiences to make a comparative study of Chinese martial arts development and  preserve the effectiveness of inherited classical styles.

Due to his recognitions and achievements in combative research, he has been invited to the United States, Turkey, Singapore, Belgium and Japan to teach classical martial arts such as flip boxing, whip application and Chinese Miao Dao (long sprout saber) skills.

In 2005, he taught the Shanghai Wushu Team how to develop elite athletes with martial arts skills such as Tipao sword, Pigua broard sword and Pigua boxing.From 2009 to 2011, he served as the general coach of the Tai quan Team at Xi’an Institute of Physical Education and participated in the national Tai quan championship many times. He achieved excellent results and gained recognition for his authentic skills.

Since 2013, he has been invited to the Xi’an Special Police Unit (SPU) of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force to teach weapon strategies to heighten combat effectiveness.

In 2014, he entered the film and television circle. A talented actor, he has participated in the shooting of many films and TV series as lead and supporting artist. Focusing on swift and realistic action, he also enhances films as a martial arts director/choreographer.

In November 2017, he taught the Shanxi Wushu Team classical routines, such as cleaved Pigua fist, Tipaosword style, Pigua broard sword ,Ape boxing and unorthodoxed explosive striking. His classes guided the athletes to carry out a “fusion” of “traditional Wushu” and “competitive Wushu”. The improved effectiveness of their skillset was well received by many coaches and martial artists.

In the same year, monks of the South Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, went north to Chang’an to learn the skills of mad magic wand combat and develop Shaolin cudgel methology from Mr. Ma.

Recently, he founded the “Chang’an Tang Dao Centre” in Xi’an as a general instructor. His museum is dedicated to the inheritance and promotion of classical martial arts single/double-handed Dao (sword/sabre) method.

He has been invited to give lectures on Wushu culture in universities, enterprises and communities. He has taught combative arresting, sword splitting, gun tactics and various fighting skills (empty hand and armed). He has also taught classical Wushu in professional training classes nationwide and has tutored boxing and weapon training in classical styles.

As a person of great character and a strict adherence to rigorous study, Dr. Ma Wenguo will continue to strive toward the development of Chinese martial for future generations. Heritage is important so art forms around the world do not disappear. With a strong mind and persistent heart, he is honored to work with great talent around the world to ensure cultural treasures and martial sciences continue to florist.