Dr. Tao Kang


Dr. Tao Kang is a senior researcher at the School of Management, Sun Yat-Sen University. Main research directions: sports and public health, health management and services, health education and communication. Presided over the completion of 12 researches on various topics at all levels, including national social science projects; compiled 11 monographs and textbooks; published more than 20 academic papers in SCI\EI\CSSCI, Chinese core journals, etc.; In the columns of “Tai Chi Health” and “Sports Health”, nearly 100 articles on sports health and scientific fitness have been written. Served as a member of the Home Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, a member of the Chinese Health Management Association branch, a deputy chairman of the Health Management and Medical Industry Branch of the Guangdong Population and Culture Promotion Association, and a member of the Integrated Rehabilitation Professional Committee of the Guangdong Association of Clinical Medicine; concurrently serving as a Chinese non-material Researcher of Cultural Heritage Research Center, Vice President of Guangdong Social Sports Instructors Association, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Health Qigong Association; Selected into the Chinese Wushu Talent Pool and Guangdong Sports Health Expert Database; Won the National Wushu Advanced Worker and National Excellent Wushu Examiner , National Outstanding Referee, National Outstanding Social Sports Instructor, the first batch of “Guangzhou Popular Science Teachers”, Guangzhou Science Communication Expert, Yangcheng Young Scholars and other honorary titles.