Dr. Liu Chao 刘超博士




Founder and director of NPO Qigong Culture Center & Japan Health Qigong International Union, and researcher of Tokyo Denki University. As the first person receiving a doctorate in research of Health Qigong in Japan, She was a member of the 1st Scientific Committee of IHQF, and a visiting professor at the School of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. With honorary Duan 7 and technical Duan 6, I am now the first batch of Level B international referees of Health Qigong. I have published dozens of Qigong-related papers and articles in international journals, mainly focusing on the physiological effects and electrophysiology of Qigong.

She founded the Japan Scientific Society of Medical Qigong in Tokyo, edited the collected papers of the World Qigong Scientific Symposium held in Japan in 2007, and led the Japanese team to participate in the first international Health Qigong event in Korea in 2008. Since 2011, She have trained many Health Qigong backbone members with Duan 1 to 5 for various associations in Japan. Moreover, She took the lead in hosting the annual All Japan International Health Qigong Performance & Exchange in cooperation with the member organizations of IHQF and other groups in Japan, which was also the first overseas performance and exchange of Health Qigong, commended by the Chairman of CHQA.