Master Yongxing Guan

Master Yongxing Guan 管永星 graduated from China Taoist University and is now the deputy director of Wudang Taoist culture development center and the deputy head of Wudang Taoist Kung Fu troupe. Since September 2014, he has resigned from all his posts and was recommended by Wudang Mountain Taoist Association to Beijing “China Taoist University” to […]

Master Sujie Yan

Master Sujie Yan 阎素杰 President of Wang Xi’an Taiji Research Institute; Consultant of Alibaba Taiji TempleNational level Taiji Coach. Under the tutelage of Chen style Taijiquan representative Grandmaster Wang Xi’an and “Kunlun Xuantian Baihe Daoist. In 2001, she began to teaching Taiji internationally and traveled to the United States, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Peru, Japan, Reunion, […]

Master Juan Chen

Master Juan Chen 陈娟 born in Chenjiagou, Wen County, Henan Province, China, is a family of Chen Style Tai Chi. She graduated from the Wushu Department of Beijing Sport University in June 2000. Sixth Duan Master of Chinese martial arts, senior coach of China Chenjiagou Taijiquan Center, national first-class martial arts referee, licensed sports agent. […]

Grandmaster Qilin Xing

李氏太极及邢启林老师简介 Li-style Taiji was founded by Li Ruidong in the last years of the Qing Dynasty. The ancestor Li Ruidong taught Taijiquan in the Dunwang Mansion and Qing Palace for 20 years, and guarded him with swords from the official to the third grade. With his profound cultural heritage and martial arts attainments, he summed […]

Grandmaster Suibin Liu

Grandmaster Suibin Liu 太极科学联合会 Master Suibin Liu, born in a martial arts family, When he was young, he followed more than a dozen famous masters, hermits and Taoists to practice martial arts and Taoism, graduated from Chongqing Medical University, he has been a doctor for 12 years, and he has spread Qingcheng Wushu, for more […]

Master Liang Zhao

Master Liang Zhao 太极科学联合会 Zhao Liang’s grandfather Zhao Bin is the grandson of grandmaster Yang Chengfu’s nephew. He is the fourth generation of family heirs of Yang’s Taijiquan and a famous Taiji player. Zhao Liang practiced Taiji with his grandfather Zhao Bin and his father Zhao Youbin at the age of six. He systematically and […]

Master Amin Wu

Master Amin Wu 太极科学联合会 She Had obtained:Weapon and Push Hands and All-around champion of Taijiquan in China. She has repeatedly won the champion of women’s Wu style Taijiquan and the Women’s Taiji Push Hands Championship at the China National Wushu Championships. She is the fifth-Generation successor of Wu style Taijiquan. Chinese national Wushu referee. She […]

Master Sitan Chen

Master Jun Yang 太极科学联合会 Master Sitan Chen is the first man in China to win the world champion of men’s taijiquan, the first man’s taijiquan champion in the Asian Games, and the first champion of three major events including the “World Championships, Asian Games and National Games”, and the “Grand Slam” men’s martial arts Taijiquan […]

Master Jiamin Gao

Master Jun Yang 太极科学联合会 She is the first “World Wushu Championship” female Taijiquan champion, the first “East Asian Games” female Taijiquan champion, the first two consecutive “Asian Games” female Taijiquan champion, China’s first “Asian Wushu Championship” woman Tai Chi champion and the first champion of five major events including the World Championships, Asian Games, East […]

Master Qingquan Fu

Master Jun Yang 太极科学联合会 Master  Qingquan  Fu is the family inheritor of Yang-style Taijiquan, a national intangible cultural heritage. Since the age of 5, he has received strict teaching and instruction from his grandfather  Zhongwen Fu  and his father Shengyuan Fu. He has won the true teachings of Taijiquan. He has won many domestic and foreign […]