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Professor Victor W. Henderson, MD, MS

Prof. Henderson directs the NIH-NIA Stanford Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and co-directs the Stanford University master’s degree program in epidemiology and clinical research. He is professor in the Departments of Epidemiology & Population Health and Neurology & Neurological Sciences at Stanford University. His research interests emphasize risk factors for cognitive aging and Alzheimer’s disease, and therapeutic strategies to maintain and improve cognitive abilities affected by age. Prof. Henderson obtained his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University and trained at Duke University (internal medicine), Washington University (neurology), Boston University (behavioral neurology), and the University of Washington (epidemiology). He is Skou Honorary Professor at the University of Aarhus (Denmark), and he has been a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and visiting professor at the University of Melbourne (Australia). He has held leadership positions in professional organizations focused on midlife and late-life health, serves on editorial boards and scientific advisory boards, and has authored or co-authored more than 250 scientific articles and chapters.

Clinical Focus

  • Memory Disorders
  • Neurology

Academic Appointments

Administrative Appointments

  • Director, Stanford Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (2015 – Present)
  • Co-director, Master’s of Science Program in Epidemiology and Clinical Research, Stanford University (2015 – Present)
  • Director, Graduate Program in Epidemiology, Stanford University (2004 – 2015)
  • Chief, Division of Epidemiology (2010 – 2014)
  • Senate Steering Committee, Faculty Senate, School of Medicine (2008 – 2012)
  • Committee on Graduate Studies, Stanford University (2009 – 2012)
  • Subcommittee on University Honors, Faculty Senate (2014 – 2014)
  • Chief, Division of Cognitive Neuroscience & Neurogerontology, University of Southern California (1989 – 2001)
  • Chair, Department of Neurology, Los Angeles County – University of Southern California Medical Center (1992 – 1997)
  • Administrative Vice President, Academic (Faculty) Senate, University of Southern California (1998 – 1999)
  • Chair, Year II Curriculum Committee, University of Southern California School of Medicine (1990 – 1992)

Honors & Awards

  • Honorary Skou Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark (2019–)
  • Distinguished Service Award, International Menopause Society (2020)
  • Top Doctors (Neurology), San Francisco Magazine (2017–2021)
  • Visiting Professor (2015); Honorary Professor, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University, Denmark (2015–2019)
  • Lawrence C. McHenry Award, American Academy of Neurology (2007)
  • Kearney Visiting Professor, Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria (Australia) (2002)
  • Visiting Professor / Visiting Research Scholars Award, University of Melbourne, Australia (2002)
  • Kenneth and Bette Volk Endowed Professorship, University of Southern California (1999–2001)
  • Phi Kappa Phi faculty recognition award, University of Southern California (2001)
  • Visiting Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1988–1989)

Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations

  • International Scientific Advisory Board, Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (2015 – Present)
  • Steering Committee, National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center (2016 – 2019)
  • General Secretary, International Menopause Society (2014 – 2016)
  • Member, NIH Neurological, Aging, and Musculoskeletal Epidemiology (NAME) study section (2011 – 2015)
  • Chair, Section on Geriatric Neurology, American Academy of Neurology (2008 – 2011)
  • President, North American Menopause Society (2007 – 2008)
  • President, Los Angeles Society of Neurological Sciences (1990 – 1990)
  • Associate Editor, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology (2014 – Present)