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Professor Lin Qiang



Dean, Professor Lin Qiang:

He graduated from Zhejiang University with a PhD in Science. Winner of the Outstanding Youth Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Humboldt Fund of Germany. He is currently the dean, professor, and doctoral supervisor of the Faculty of Science of Zhejiang University of Technology, the director of the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Quantum Precision Measurement; the vice chairman of the Zhejiang Physical Society, and the director of the Chinese Society of Optical Engineering. Has long been engaged in research work in the fields of quantum precision measurement. Presided over a number of national key research projects. He has won the second prize of Natural Science Award of National Colleges and Universities, the third prize of National Technology Invention Award, and the first prize of Zhejiang Province Technology Invention Award. So far, he has supervised dozens of doctoral and master students. More than 200 papers have been published. Practicing Tai Chi for many years, and have a special liking for Tai Chi culture. In recent years, Tai Chi has been developed using modern scientific methods.