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Prof. Beverley Kane


Beverley Kane, MD, is Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford. She is Program Director for Stanford Medical Tai Chi and for Stanford Equine-imity, which uses a Baduanjin subset—a wuduanjin—with and on horses. She is also Program Director for Stanford Medicine and Horsemanship, which teaches communication, teamwork, leadership, and self-care with qigong to medical students and healthcare professionals. Her private practice is Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & THerapy (HEALTH) http://www.horsensei.com. Her recently published book, based on the Stanford class, is Equine-imity— Stress Reduction and Emotional Self-Regulation in the Company of Horses. http://equine-imity.com. Dr. Kane is honored and delighted to speak at this conference in the company of her most respected and beloved teachers, Li Shudong and Alex Feng.

1973-78 University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. MD degree
1973-74 University of California Berkeley. Premedical curriculum
1971-73 North Peralta Community College, Oakland, CA. Premedical curriculum
1968-70 Barnard College, Columbia University. Fine arts major, Chinese language minor

Post-graduate Training and Certification

1978 – 2021 Physician Licensure, State of California
1981 – 1988 Board Certified in Family Practice
1984 – 1985 Fellowship, Sports Medicine, London University Hospital; UK
1981 – 1982 Fellowship, Obstetrics, Children’s Hospital; San Francisco, CA
1978 – 1981 Family Practice Residency, San Francisco General Hospital

Work History
2004 – present Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & THerapy (HEALTH), Woodside, CA. Lead Mare
2006 – 2007 Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, Palo Alto, CA, Medical Educator, Epic Electronic Medical Record Rollout
2002 – 2003 University of California San Francisco Medical Center, San Francisco, Ca. Usability lead, electronic medical records
1999 – 2002 Healtheon/WebMD, Santa Clara, CA, Manager, Consumer-to-Professional Web Portals Integration
1990 – 1997 Apple Computer Preventive Medicine Center, physician and ergonomics consultant
1997 – 1999 Philips Medical Systems, Chief Medical Officer, MEDGRID Electronic Medical Record
1987 – 1990 Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention, Research Physician, Department of Cardiology

Selected Publications and Presentations

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