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Grandmaster Xuande You


Master Zhanjun Wang, one of the new generation leader of Taijiquan, the head coach of Taijiquan of the State Administration Affairs Administration, the vice chairman of Henan Wushu Association, the visiting professor of Jiaozuo Teachers College, the founder of Wang Zhanjun’s Taiji brand, Won the Taiji Push Hands Championship at the National Wushu Championships for many consecutive years, Grand Champion of CCTV The six martial arts championships tournament, the Guinness World Record Dantian trembling holder, once represented the traditional Chinese martial arts, defeated Japan’s largest sumo wrestler Yokozuna·Aketaro

Zhanjun Wang learned Taijiquan from his father Xi’an Wang and his mother Xinyi Chen since childhood. From 1988 to 2010, he participated in hundreds of competitions at home and abroad without fail. He proposed and promoted the idea of ​​changing “private sharing” from “private sharing” to “public sharing”. He has devoted himself to the cultivation of talents for many years. Since the school started in 1996, he has trained more than 30,000 students. He has won tens of thousands of gold medals in domestic and foreign competitions, and he is a well-known Tai Chi ambassador at home and abroad.

王战军, 太极拳新一代领军人物、国家机关事务管理局太极拳总教练、河南省武术协会副主席、焦作师范高等专科学校客座教授、王战军太极品牌创始人、全国武术锦标赛太极拳推手蝉联冠军、央视武林大会六大门派总冠军, 吉尼斯世界纪录丹田弹抖的保持者、曾代表中国传统武术击败日本最大级别相扑横纲· 曙太郎。

王战军自幼师从于其父王西安其母陈新意大师习拳, 1988 年至2010年参加国内外数百场大赛, 未有败绩。他提出并推行的将百年门里传内不传外的心法变“私享”为“公享”,多年来致力于人才的培养, 从 1996 年办学至今,已培养学生三万余人,并在国内外比赛中获得金牌上万枚,是享誉国内外的太极公益大使。