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Dr. Wen Ke


Dr. Wen Ke, international expert, researcher and writer on Yangsheng, xclusive membre of the International Health Qi Gong Federation, PhD in Traditional Sports pedagogy, inheritor of Wudang martial arts culture.

She founded the French Chinese cultural center – Les Temps du Corps in 1992, and now it has developed into the largest Yangsheng cultural center in France. In 1995, four multi-year professional training schools were established by Dr. KE Wen, including Qi Gong, TCM, Qi Dance and Tai-ji, thousands of teacher have been formally trained in these schools.

Wen Ke is also author of bestselling books including « Enter into the practice of Qi Gong, discover the bases and its philosophy », « the Calmness Path », « the treasures of Chinese medicine for today’s world » and « Qing Jing Jing – the book of purity and peace ». Her four books expound Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and TCM systematically and comprehensively to readers in French-speaking regions. And « 20 essential movements of Qi Gong » has become the largest number of people practicing method of Qi Gong, which created by Dr. KE Wen in her first book.

In recent years, we have actively organized and hosted a number of international events on Tai Chi culture and Health Qigong. In 2015, she hosted the 2nd World Health Qigong Science Forum in Paris, France, organized the Tai Chi Culture and Health Qigong International Forums in 2016 and 2017, and organized the Sino-french Taiji Forums in Wudang in 2018 and so on.



先后在法出版了四部著作:《进入气功世界及它的哲学理论》、《 静之道——用心感悟中国文化与智慧》、《中医财富对当今世界的影响》以及《道家智慧与生命文化——’清静经’的现代诠释及现实意义》。她的四部著作向法语地区读者系统而全面地阐述了中国传统文化中的儒释道医。其首部著作已经再版数次,其中由柯文博士亲自创编的“气功精华二十式”已成为在法国练习人数最多的气功功法。