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Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng


Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng received his Ph.D. in 1987 from Ohio State University in Physical Education. He is the president of US Collegiate Taiji Federation, Vice President of the World ShuaiJiao Federation, Founding Chair of Pan-American Shuai-chiao  Federation. Currently he is Professor at San Jose State University and the Honorary Dean of College of Tai Chi at University of East-West Medicine, California. Dr. Weng received numerous awards including Tai-Chi Master of the Year in 2013 from World Qigong Conference in San Francisco, Gold Medalist of Tai Chi  at 1993 International Kungfu Open Tournament Vermont,  and 2010 the 16th Global Chinese Culture and Arts Heritage Award in Taipei. Dr Weng  was an Invited Speaker at the Scientific Congress of the 1988 Olympic Games in South Korea. His publications include the Official Cardio Tai-chi Textbook, Winston-Salem, Hunter Textbook, Inc.2007; Chang’s Style Tai chi-chuan 1987:.Fundamentals of Shuai Chiao 1984. 

翁启修博士, 圣荷西州立大学教授,体育博士。现任美国高校太极联合会主席,美国国际医药大学太极学院荣誉院长。 功夫跤世界聯盟副主席, 泛美洲摔角聯盟主席,全美摔角協會主席,在台湾曾获“2010年第十六屆全球中華文化藝術薪傳獎”,曾任中國文化大學國術組主任,國立體育學院體育研究所所長及大專院校國術委員會主任委員。並曾為教育部製作有氧太極開放教材推廣於世。