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Dr. Eric Caulier (Belgium)


Dr. Eric Caulier, CEO of Centre for Potential Actualisation, Graduated from Beijing Sport University, Author of 15 books on Tai Chi, Creator of a new approach to ergonomics.

Eric Caulier, PhD in anthropology, is an associate member of LAPCOS (Côte d’Azur University) and a founding member of CoSoCo (Consciousness, Care and Cognition). He studied the five major Tai Chi styles (6th duan of Chinese Wushu Association) and the different Internal Arts (graduated of Beijing Sport University) during his multiple study stays in China.

He has reappropriated the different facets of Chinese energetic practices through various collaborations in the academic world: training of physical education teachers (Louvain-la-Neuve University), scientific council on Chinese thoughts (Bruxelles University), guest researcher for imaginary of body and health (Paris Sorbonne). At Mons University, he explores the Tai Chi fundamental gestures with new technologies. His approach is resolutely transdisciplinary and transcultural.

Eric Caulier has taught thousands of students and trained many teachers.

He works in companies (self-management, experience design, ergonomics). With the automotive supplier Faurecia, he has created an innovative approach to ergonomics based on the Tai Chi principles. He is the author of numerous articles and some fifteen books, including “The Senses of Movement – A Transdisciplinary Approach to Tai Chi Chuan », « Becoming aware of the Body – Awakening the senses, Awakening consciousness », « Traditional and Scientific approaches to Tai Chi Chuan – Responding to contemporary challenges ».