2021 International Taiji Kungfu online Tournament competition result


Total 953 athletes from 22 countries and 62 teams signed up the 2021 International Taiji Kungfu online Tournament.

2021 International Wushu Online Tournament is officially sanctioned by the Pan American Wushu Federation (PAWF) and the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation, Inc. (USAWKF) and organized by National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation (NTCWF) DBA Taiji Science Federation (WTJSF). Formerly known as the Golden State International Wushu Championships, the competition has been held for twelve consecutive years and has hosted Large-scale international tournaments such as the U.S. National Wushu Team Trials, National and International Championships as well as the Pan American Wushu Championships etc.

International Wushu Teams including the United States, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Algeria, Bermuda, New Zealand, Ecuador, Spain, Belgium, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Australia 953 athletes from 62 teams from 22 countries and regions such as Japan signed up to participate in this online martial arts event.

Among the international teams, the Wang, Xian Tai Chi Research Institute Team, led by Master Sujie Yan has the largest number of participants, with a total of 66 athletes participating; There were 48 participants from Hong Kong, China led by Mr. Yu Cunliang; 47 members of the Mexican team led by Mr. Adrian teyechea Garza, President of the Mexican Wushu Association; The Brazilian team led by Mr. Marcus Alves, Secretary General of the Brazilian Wushu Association, has 28 people.

There are 42 teams in the United States, including 45 athletes in Zhang’s Kung Fu team led by teacher Zhang Zhi; There are 43 representatives of the American International Martial Arts Academy led by Wu Qiuhua, the champion of the international and National Games; World champion Gao Jiamin led 36 people in the American Wushu center; 34 American Sitan Tai Chi Wushu center led by world champion Chen Sitan; Mr. Zhao Ke organized and led 32 Shangde Kung Fu and Zhuhai Wuyun Kung Fu teams. The United States Jingwu hall martial arts school, the United States Golden Tiger Kung Fu college and sun’s Kung Fu college also organized nearly 20 athletes to participate in the online event.

2021 ITKOT Results released
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International Wushu Education and Promotion Groups
– Gold Metal winner

(Teams with more than 10 participants and have won multiple gold medals in the Group, Duilian or individual events of this competition)